Beef Cattle Monitoring

For timely reproduction, health and nutrition insights

Available worldwide
and suited to farms
of almost any size

Allflex® Livestock Intelligence® monitoring solutions encompass a wide range of applications for monitoring beef cattle.

Our beef monitoring solutions collect critical data points from individual animals, delivering actionable reproduction, health and nutrition insights in real-time. With this information, producers can manage their farms more efficiently and optimize their productivity. Easy to use, scalable and modular, our systems are designed to adapt and grow as producers’ needs change.

Reproduction Monitoring

Quick and accurate detection of heats and optimum breeding window alerts.

Health Monitoring

Early detection of certain diseases in individual cows and quick evaluation of response to veterinary treatments.

Feed Monitoring

Varied reports that help make timely decisions on rations, feeding protocols, and other nutrition issues.

Our Solutions

SenseHub® Dairy ear tag and neck collar

SenseHub® Cow-Calf

A new way to use monitoring to help improve the productivity and efficiency of your beef operation.

Hear how our solutions are helping producers around the globe make data-driven decisions to manage their farms.

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