SenseHub® Beef

Flexible beef cattle monitoring delivering real-time, actionable insights

Gain actionable insight into your animals’ status, in various populations, across their lifecycle

SenseHub® Beef monitors cattle behaviour using algorithms that consider animal activity, rumination, and eating.

With SenseHub® Beef producers are informed of heats, which can help them determine the optimal timing of insemination. It is effective in detecting cattle that do not show overt signs of heat. The monitoring system is applicable to farms using either AI and/or natural breeding and for both dry lot and pasture situations. 

Advance your reproduction strategies by making decisions with real-time data.

Track the effect of veterinary treatment and other interventions as well as cow well-being.

The system offers a choice of neck collars and ear tags, varied application plan levels and payment options. Different tag types and application levels can be used together on the same farm, enabling various populations to be monitored. Simple to install, use and maintain, SenseHub® Beef can be used with various mobile devices.

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