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Committed to partnering, supporting, and elevating those around us

We are committed to listening to the people around us. They are more than the customers, veterinary teams and producers we work with; they are our friends, family and business partners. We are proud of our responsibility to support the causes and commitments that will help shape the future.

Partnering with our CUSTOMERS

Commitment to QUALITY

SPONSORSHIP and support

Partnering with our CUSTOMERS

SHE Grows Beef®

SHE Grows Beef® is an initiative supported by Merck Animal Health that connects women in the beef industry so they can learn from each other, collaborate and achieve their business goals. Attendees of our conferences and training sessions have the opportunity to learn production and management skills from industry experts while networking and connecting with other female beef producers.

“SHE Grows Beef® is an amazing opportunity for women in agriculture to network with each other and learn from experts about relevant issues in today’s beef industry.


Beef Producer

SHE Grows Beef® equals confidence and knowledge for whatever cattle handling I am doing. I can get the job done by myself without stress to the cattle or me when I need to. Thanks Heather, Amanda and Colleen! SHE Grows Beef® ROCKS!”


Beef Producer

SHE GROWS BEEF® is a registered trademark of Intervet International B.V. Used under license.

Equine Biosurveillance Program

The Merck Animal Health Equine Biosurveillance Program was launched in 2019 to support horse owners and veterinarians by offering select equine practices the opportunity to submit samples for free PCR testing to help confirm a diagnosis of the most common respiratory pathogens of horses.

The B.C. Big Tick Project

The B.C. Big Tick Project is a collaboration between Merck Animal Health and the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. The aim is to increase awareness of tick identification tools such as etick.ca, to support surveillance for the distribution of ticks and to determine the tick-borne pathogens that may be present in ticks collected from dogs and cats in British Columbia. This regional initiative provides valuable information to B.C. pet owners and veterinary hospitals regarding how best to protect pets against ticks and the diseases they may transmit.

Commitment to QUALITY

We believe that our commitment to quality sets us apart and we ensure it is integrated into every aspect of Merck Animal Health.


We engage a broad spectrum of expertise and implement cross-functional collaboration across different fields including microbiology, toxicology, pharmacology, clinical medicine, analytical methodology, and animal care specialties.


We are proud of our wide range of animal health innovations designed with quality in mind, from inception to production.

Professional Development

From consultancy meetings, to educational webinars and more, we invest in the growth of the veterinary professionals we support. We offer many different opportunities for continuing education, some of which are in collaboration with academic institutions in Canada.

SPONSORSHIP and support

Veterinary Support

Our commitment to the veterinary profession spans current and future leaders. Each year, the Merck Veterinary Award is presented to a Canadian Veterinary Medical Association member for their outstanding contribution to veterinary medicine. We also support veterinary students through awards and programs that recognize excellence and foster leadership, such as:

  • Merck Veterinary Student Innovation Award
  • Veterinary Student Ambassador Program


Each year, Merck Animal Health is involved with a large number of national and regional conferences. These events bring industry leaders together across Canada to share their knowledge, discuss practices and ultimately progress the field of animal care.

National Tick Awareness Month

National Tick Awareness Month was introduced in 2016 by Merck Animal Health in partnership with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA). Through various tools, it educates the users on tick geography, behaviour, and tick identification. The aim is to recognize tick risks and to encourage measures to minimize the transmission of tick-borne diseases for both people and animals.

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