The first veterinary approved insulin for dogs and cats

Caninsulin® has established safety and efficacy for the management of diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats for over 25 years.

Caninsulin® is an aqueous suspension of 40 IU/mL of highly purified porcine insulin, consisting of 35% amorphous and 65% crystalline zinc insulin. Discover the product’s benefits, read clinical study reports and get more information, including dosage and administration, in our Caninsulin® Brochure and Technical Bulletin.

For additional tools including ideal glucose curves for cats and dogs, technical information about diabetes and how to manage the condition, visit or read the Merck Veterinary Manual.

Caninsulin products - The first veterinarian approved insulin

Spread the word about pet diabetes

We have created ready-to-share social media posts for your clinic to help you talk to your patients about pet diabetes. Just copy and paste the content into your social media channel and start engaging with your followers. This guide also contains some social media best practices to help you get the most from your posts. 

Print and share this brochure to spread awareness on pet's diabetes. Learn the signs of pet's diabetes and how caninsulin can help.

Diabetes Awareness Brochure

Information about pet diabetes, its signs and symptoms and management options.

VetPen is redefining pet diabetes management. Learn how to use it in 3 easy steps. Plus, download our app to manage your pet's diabetes.

VetPen® Quick-Start Guide

How to prepare and administer doses with the VetPen® in 3 steps.

Management of Diabetes Mellitusin Dogs and Cats. Reduce or eliminate the clinical signs of diabetes and minimize the risk of hypoglycemia.

Diabetes Management Handout

How to care for your pet’s diabetes.

Monitor your pet's blood glucose curve with this easy to use worksheet. Record time of injection(s) of Caninsulin.

Blood Glucose Curve Worksheet

Easily create and save pet’s blood glucose curve, for monitoring and veterinary care.

One of the most important complications seen in diabetic pets being treated with insulin is lower than normal blood sugar.

Hypoglycemia Emergency Sheet

What to do in case of hypoglycemia in pets.

Diabetes in pets web page by Merck Animal Health

Educating pet owners about diabetes in dogs and cats.

Pet Diabetes Tracker Mobile App

A FREE app … to help pet owners track and manage diabetes in their dogs and cats.

Caninsulin : Spread the word about pet diabetes. Manage pet diabetes via our app.

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