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The Equine Biosurveillance Program offers select equine practices across the country the opportunity to submit samples for free PCR testing to help you confirm a diagnosis of the most common respiratory pathogens of horses. Watch the video below and download the program brochure for more information. 

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We are happy to share the most current issue of our program’s newsletter summarizing the results of our members’ sample submissions. The information gathered from these samples provided insights about the most common respiratory pathogens of horses on a national basis.

When it comes to disease prevention, you want safe and effective solutions that help you build ideal vaccination protocols. With our vaccines, you get all this and more!

Influenza Strains Comparison Chart

Discover the different strains of equine influenza virus included in commercial vaccines.

PRESTIGE® Vaccines
”The Science of Relevant”

Only PRESTIGE® equine influenza-containing vaccines include the Florida’13 EIV strain – the most current EIV strain included in vaccines available on the market.

FLU AVERT I.N.™ Vaccine Fact Sheet

For rapid onset of immunity, consider FLU AVERT I.N.™, the only modified-live virus intranasal equine influenza vaccine on the market.

Resistance of equine parasites to the different classes of anthelmintic is a growing concern among both veterinarians and horse owners. Various compounds have each their own strengths and limitations. Their judicious use, based on the principles of evidence-based parasite control, is more important than ever in order to maintain their respective efficacy.

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Watch this video to learn about Safe-Guard’s mode of action. Download the resources below for even more information about Safe-Guard® Paste 10%, Safe-Guard® Suspension 10%, Panacur® Paste 10% and Panacur® Suspension 10%.

Safe-Guard® Calculator Application

​Save time. Save money. And take the guesswork out of deworming by downloading the free Safe-Guard®  Calculator Application! Effortlessly calculate the dosage, total quantity and cost of dewormer you need and get immediate in-app access to product labels, studies and resource material, as well as contact information.

As part of our dedication to support veterinarians in equine practice, we are pleased to offer you high-value educational content.

The Equine Edition of the Compendium of Animal Reproduction

The objective of this compendium is to update and inspire those interested in the management of reproduction in horses and to provide usable solutions to challenges in the everyday life of working veterinarians and their clients.

On-Demand Webinars

To obtain your continuing education certificate, where applicable, consult the associated readings as required, then complete and submit the related questionnaire.

Interpretation of Neurologic Examination Findings—Where Do You Go Next?
Presented by Yvette S. Nout-Lomas

In this webinar, Dr. Nout-Lomas provides insight regarding the importance of obtaining a detailed history, determining what biosecurity precautions should be employed, and performing a thorough neurologic exam. The interpretation of diagnostic findings are reviewed, followed by a discussion of ancillary diagnostics to help with differential and definitive diagnoses.

Understanding the Pre-Purchase Exam in the Equine Athlete
Presented by Kent Allen

The pre-purchase exam (PPE) is incredibly simple in its most basic form, but incredibly complex in its day-to-day function. With client needs ranging from a basic once-over to a detailed assurance of soundness, legal concerns, and the difference between European and American PPEs, equine veterinarians can sometimes struggle with this “simple” exam.

Dr. Allen will present a retrospective look at lessons learned from 700 PPEs, including using radiology and ultrasound, and interpreting European exams.

Equine Diarrhea: A Real Pain in the *#$&!
Presented by Harold C. McKenzie,
III DVM, MS, MSc (VetEd), FHEA, Diplomate ACVIM

Equine diarrhea is challenging to diagnose and manage. In many cases a primary etiology cannot be determined, limiting your ability to apply specific therapies. Dr. McKenzie’s presentation will thoroughly review this exasperating condition and highlight new findings in both diagnosis and management.

An In-Depth Look at Equine Hoof Capsule Distorsions
Presented by Stephen E. O’Grady

Dr. O’Grady discusses the benefits of evaluating hoof capsule distortions during a lameness examination. Such evaluations can uncover a wealth of information as to the etiology and treatment of lameness. He also explains why familiarity with foot biomechanics is essential when working to improve hoof capsule distortions.

Examining the Eye at the Prepurchase and Treating Corneal Ulcers
Presented by Franck Ollivier
DVM, Ph.D., Dipl. ACVO and ECVO, EMBA

Dr. Ollivier discusses the critical components of the field ophthalmic examination in the contest of the prepurchase exam. Some common observable eye lesions are also covered. Dr. Ollivier also discusses ulcerative keratitis—its pathogenesis and clinical aspects—and describes the current strategies available today to treat this condition that can result in loss of vision in horses.

Working through Unexpected Vaccine-Associated Adverse Events (VAAE)
Presented by Duane E. Chappell,
DVM Equine Technical Services Veterinarian Merck Animal Health, USA

Dr. Duane E. Chappell covers various aspects of VAAE from possible causes, to different clinical manifestations and how to address them, to simple measures that can be taken to try to minimize the likelihood of VAAE as well as reporting.

Evidence-Based Internal Parasite Control
Presented by Duane E. Chappell,
DVM Equine Technical Services Veterinarian Merck Animal Health, USA

Join Dr. Duane E. Chappell as he investigates the current state of parasite management, and discover why veterinarians should be holding the reins. This webinar will give you the tools you need to educate clients, gather evidence and get parasite management back in your office.

Merck Animal Health Equine Product Guide

Saddle up to discover all of the products we offer to support the health and well-being of horses.

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