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The first Canadian advancement in rabies vaccine technology in 35 years.

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A gentle vaccine that fiercely protects.

Vaccination is an important tool to help support your cats’ and dogs’ well-being. Your veterinarian can recommend a schedule that best suits your pet’s lifestyle to help prevent diseases like rabies. Talk to your veterinarian to find out if Nobivac® vaccines are suitable for your animals.

Veterinarians, always read the product labels to determine whether products are suitable for the animal to be vaccinated. Vaccination may not protect every animal that gets vaccinated.

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Through our Afya Program, we have been committed to donating canine rabies vaccines for use in developing countries with limited access to resources and vaccines. We have dedicated our support to the humanitarian efforts of our partners, including Rabies Free Africa and Mission Rabies, and their goal of eliminating canine-mediated rabies.

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