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Our Unconditional Commitment to Healthier Animals

Our commitment plays out through our products, services, and technologies, as well as through our support for organizations that prioritize animals, their health and their well-being.

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Caring for pets in need

Heart to Paws

Our annual Heart to Paws donation drive, in partnership with veterinary clinics, allows Canadians to gift new or gently used pet accessories to shelters across the country.

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Low-stress cattle handling

Creating Connections™

Creating ConnectionsTM is a free program featuring in-person workshops and on-demand training videos, designed to enhance cattle well-being through stress-free handling.

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Eliminating rabies globally

The Afya Program

Since 1996, we have supported the Afya Program, through our donations of rabies vaccines. The Program comprises several rabies control projects and non-profit organizations whose vaccination-based campaigns are aimed at eliminating canine-mediated rabies by the year 2030.

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Monitoring diseases in various species

Disease Surveillance

We’ve established initiatives like the Equine Biosurveillance Program, National Tick Awareness Month and the B.C. Big Tick Project to help monitor and mitigate the negative impact of diseases on animals and humans.

A dog on an examination table with a stethoscope, looking calm

Giving back

Sponsorship and Support

We champion the well-being of animals through contributions to various health charities and organizations. Beyond monetary donations, we build partnerships that help make a meaningful impact on the communities and the lives of the animals we support. 

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