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Caring for Canadian pets and their humans in their time of need

Since 2017, Merck Animal Health has been providing pet sweaters to vulnerable communities across the country – especially working with shelters that allow families without homes (including their pets) to stay together within their walls. Our Heart to Paws program, expanded in 2022, now encompasses other pet care items such as leashes, dog booties, collars and blankets. Canadians were also invited to contribute by donating new or gently used items at participating veterinary clinics.

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In 2023, Heart to Paws…

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was supported by


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veterinary clinics

gave back to


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and collected nearly 8,000 items including:

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sets of dog booties

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pet beds

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pet sweaters

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miscellaneous items

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We would like to thank all the veterinary clinics and Canadians for their support. Through Heart to Paws, we, as a community, have been able to share the warmth with pets and their owners across the country for a second year in a row.

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