Herd of feedlot steers

Help optimize your cattle’s
growth performance at every phase.

There’s no such thing as “one-implant-program-fits-all” when it comes to developing the right implant strategy for your cattle. This is why we have designed a broad range of implants to provide you with the flexibility to help you meet your production goals.

Growth-promoting implants have been used in the beef cattle industry for decades. They have been widely researched and, when properly used, have proven to be among the most time-tested technologies available to beef producers in terms of cost-effectiveness and return on investment.

Implants can help you increase the rate of your cattle’s weight gain and improve feed efficiency

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Beef calf on grass
Beef cattle on grass
Feedlot cattle

Whether you’re new to implanting or want to fine-tune your current strategy, talk to your veterinarian about developing an implant program suited to your operation’s needs and objectives.